Classes and workshops held by Radasi and Lorraine will commence in Thailand in April 2014.

Click below to read about our special Navaratri celebration in Thailand…..

For more information & to stay in touch:

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Weekly workshops:

Our Sunday morning workshops will be offered on the 27th April & 4th May, to give women and men a taste of Yogini Devi’ s Ashtnag Vinyasa TTC. This special event invites men and women to experience the essence of Yogini Devi. We join together to explore devotion through a Devi fire Puja, followed by a heart opening Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga class dedicated to one of the Wisdom Goddesses, followed by kirtan and a Hridaya heart meditation.

This event is offered at Neshima Yoga centree, near had salad in the north west of the island.

A suggested 500baht donation is welcomed, or as your heart feels.


Weekly classes:

Sacred Dance & Sister Circles for Women:

Radasi offers sacred dance journeys for women every Friday from 5.45-7.45pm. Offering a space for sisters to come together to share their hearts. Explore various style of dance and rituals with an intuitive exploration and expression. Sacred dance is a feminine approach to spirituality that reveals the essence of who we really are.


Yoga & Meditation:

Lorraine is offering her immensely loved Vinyasa Tantra yoga classes at Shamabala Hall, Agama, 5-7pm every Wednesday & a beautiful sunset class with music at Orion Healing  centre 5-7pm every Thursday

Learn how to express your divine nature through a graceful and authentic form of Ashtanga yoga. A moving meditation which opens your heart as well as your body!


Hridaya & Tantra Yoga with Radasi
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am-10.30am @ Bovi Beach Platform
These drop in classes are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners, please sms on 0860994859 to book.
It is a joyful journey to always deepen our practice either by balancing the physical body through asana, learning the esoteric knowledge of the chakra system or if this is already integrated in your Yoga then discover the beauty of centering yourself in Hridaya (Spiritual heart) and discover the truth of who you are 

Hridaya Meditation sessions are held Tuesday & Friday 4.30-5.30pm every week at Orion. Everyone is welcome and these sessions are free.