Women / Shakti Groups

Discover the all pervading divine power that is accessible in each and every woman. It is our natural birthright to manifest our highest potential and through Sacred Women circles and Shakti groups we explore and unveil our feminine mystery towards spiritual transformation. The workshops and sessions include Sacred Dance, Ritual, Fire ceremony, Tantric practices, talking and listening circles, devotional practices and singing, healing ourselves through Reiki, working with balancing our yin and yang energies, igniting and subliming our sexual potential and exploring the various expressions and energies of the wisdom Goddesses.

Throughout Radasi’s adult life she has facilitated various Shakti Groups, working closely with Women’s groups within the Agama Tantric community and living as part of a Spiritual community of Women on Glastonbury Tor in Avalon, where she has held Women’s Tantric retreats & daily worship rituals for the Goddess.
Together Radasi & Lorraine Taylor hold sacred journeys through yoga & dance classes, retreats and Yogini Devi teacher trainings courses.