Sacred Dance

A Sacred Journey into Yoga, Dance & Tantra

Sacred dance is a natural expression of our soul. From our deep source of stillness and receptivity women can so easily feel the true bliss of their feminine nature whilst engaged in movement and dance.

Dance provides an enjoyable tool to go beyond the mind, and by surrendering to our own natural rhythms we recognise and reveal our inner truth.

Sacred Dance has historically been a mystical art and an authentic path to spiritual realisation. There are many forms of Sacred dance originating from diverse spiritual paths including Tribal Dance, Sacred Belly Dance, Five Rhythms, Sufi Whirling, Indian Devotion Dance, Shamanic Trance Dance, Celtic Dance, Chakra and Kundalini Dance.


These classes and workshops explore all these ancient and modern day dances as a tool to discover our greater union with the universe. Our Women’s circles, also known as Shakti groups use Sacred Dance as a way to unite our sisterhood and empower women to honor their unique beauty, expression and sacred presence on this planet. The classes and workshops also integrate profound group meditation techniques and exercises that help to integrate the experience on all levels.


Radasi has a life time of experience in dance. In the last ten years she has embraced dance as a specific aspect of her own Tantric Yoga practice and has offered many solo, group offerings and performances. She also teaches the Yogini Devi Sacred Dance classes in Thailand seasonally.

After training with her dance teacher Monika Nataraj for some years, In February 2011 she completed the Mystical Dance Teacher Training course and assisted her dance teacher in the 2012 Mystical Dance Teacher Training.