Ecstatic Dance


Rhythms dances through the chakra system guiding and exploring our 7 planes of consciousness. These guided dance meditations naturally awakens and harmoniously guides our Kundalini, where we can then utilise this fundamental force of energy for spiritual benefits.

Kundalini awakening during dance can spontaneously occur for many people, often without themselves even realising the meta physical depth of their experience.

Many traditions use dance for spiritual awakening and to go into deep trance, including Indian devotional dance, Sufi whirling, Native American shamanic dance and many more.

During sessions we prepare ourselves through yogic awareness focusing on the breath, the prana and the energizing of the chakra system, we also explore the different styles of dance and movement relating to different energies. We look deep into the tantric correlations of consciousness and energy and how this awareness can be applied to the dance.

Kundalini dance is designed to take you on a journey to unveil the ancient and modern methods used to activate kundalini through dance.

We have combined shamanism, yoga and modern dance to offer a dance experience that will help reveal the deeper reality of your being.