Children’s Yoga

Children are already ripe for yoga.

Children are already ripe for yoga, their bodies being more soft and agile, their hearts open and pure and their nature being free and spontaneous. They have openness to the wonder and mystery of the universe. If we can then offer them a space to explore the wisdom of Yoga this will help preserve and cultivate awareness of their true essence.

Fun animalistic playful yoga with creative story telling is used as a basis for the Children’s Yoga classes and is then enhanced with traditional Yogic techniques and philosophy all integrating  into enjoyable and esoteric yoga classes for 4-11year olds. The classes are held in a joyful, nurturing Space of Love.

During these sessions the Children are also encouraged to take an active role in teaching each other, therefore developing more trust in themselves as they hold space and give direction and inspiration to others, through this process they also develop more enthusiasm, confidence and a deeper wisdom about Yoga.




Radasi is specialized in Children’s yoga. She is a qualified Child Carer with years of Holistic Childcare experience as well as 10 years as a Yogic practitioner and teacher. She developed the Children’s yoga classes at the Agama Head quarters in Thailand and has facilitated the classes for over three years seasonally, as well as offering classes in India and the UK. She also offers children’s yoga workshops and training to yoga teachers and practitioners.